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The N Society's MISSION is to constantly explore and identify creative ways real-life Artists, Educators, and Non-Profit organizations can establish virtual presence, and learn to utilize VR technology and immersive Social Media (iSM) in the context of their own creative vision and organizational goals.

The N Society's VISION is to preserve and promote true Human experiences, and the continued advancement of Cultural Arts, Education, and real-life (RL) Community Outreach throughout the Age of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Everything!

Each year, The N Society sponsors and showcases select Artists,  Organizations, and Cause-Awareness Campaigns devoted to educating and empowering local , non-Tech communities in the landscape of

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How do you want to connect?

iSM = immersive Social Media

VR + AR + MR = XR

VR = Virtual Reality

AR = Augmented Reality

MR = Mixed Reality

XR = All of the above (...basically!)


RL --> VR

I want to go to a virtual space, to connect with people I know in real-life.


Oculus (Facebook)




VR --> RL

I want to connect with people from virtual communities, in a real-life space.

Real-Life Connect

N-side, OUT!

AFK Events & Activities

Virtual World Society

RL --> VR --> MR

I want to submit my real-life artwork, to be displayed in a virtual space.

(...and I want images for my own project!)

Mundo Adentro Galleries

Rain City Underground

Witch Hazel Widow

The LIttle'Nz