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R.U.N.?: About
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The N Society's MISSION is to constantly explore and identify creative ways real-life Artists, Educators, and Non-Profit organizations can establish virtual presence, and learn to utilize VR technology and immersive Social Media (iSM) in the context of their own creative vision and organizational goals.

The N Society's VISION is to preserve and promote true Human experiences, and the continued advancement of Cultural Arts, Education, and real-life (RL) Community Outreach throughout the Age of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Everything!

Each year, The N Society sponsors and showcases select Artists, Organizations, and projects devoted to mental health awareness and empowering those living with restricted circumstances. The creative works posted here are some of those selected works.

R.U.N.?: About
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How do you want to connect?

iSM = immersive Social Media

VR + AR + MR = XR

VR = Virtual Reality

AR = Augmented Reality

MR = Mixed Reality

XR = All of the above (...basically!)

R.U.N.?: List

RL --> VR

I want to go to a virtual space, to connect with people I know in real-life.


Oculus (Facebook)




VR --> RL

I want to connect with people from virtual communities, in a real-life space.

Real-Life Connect

N-side, OUT!

AFK Events & Activities

Virtual World Society

RL --> VR --> MR

I want to submit my real-life artwork, to be displayed in a virtual space.

(...and I want images for my own project!)

Mundo Adentro Galleries

Rain City Underground

Witch Hazel Widow

The LIttle'Nz

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